Why You Should Avoid Hiring Scam Artists and Unlicensed Contractors

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When there is need for residential roofing in Denver, it is wise to be a bit cautious given that not all roofers are the same or like http://www.simonbrosroofing.com/. A new roof is a big and expensive project that requires and individual to takes his or her time in order to make smart decisions. Such decisions will ensure that you will be in good company as well as have professional service. This means that you will be in the company of experienced contractors both in repairs and in installation. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should avoid hiring scam artists and unlicensed contractors.

The first type of residential contractor to avoid is one that is not licensed, insured, and most likely lacks the needed experience to provide a good job. When looking for a residential roofing contractor it is important to be careful so as not to fall for highly convincing or scare tactics, as well as “additional free benefits” that such contractors are known to use so as to let you trust them with your project. In most cases, they tend to ask for a generous first instalment prior to beginning the work. If you notice such behaviours, it should automatically ring a bell a reason for you to avoid such contractor by all means possible.

In case by mistake or knowingly decide to use a contractor who is not licensed or insured, it is worth getting the facts right. Sometimes you might be made to believe that your homeowner’s or personal liability policy might in this case be used in protecting you in the event of an incident. However, that is not the case. In most cases, you may possibly be liable for suit something that one would not want to add on the cost of poor services that might have been offered by an unlicensed contractors.

If you will be unlucky and found yourself drawn into lawsuit involving uninsured contractors just like other property owners who were not careful, you better look for a good lawyer because chances are you are in for a tough legal battle. An injured uninsured contractor especially in your property is a liability that you will have to carry owing to your carelessness. It is not fun being responsible for damages on your property or even worse injuries or disabilities that could have been covered by an insurance.

In most cases, the consequences of employing the services of an unlicensed roofer are having installations that are below par or not well designed. Under all circumstances this worse than the contractor not doing the job at all given that it will definitely culminate in costing you more something that you had not planned.

Another reason to stay away from this category of contractor is that in case he might be rogue enough to the extent of not paying the dealers whose roofing materials were consumed on your project, chances are you might get a lien placed on your property, which is not leasing at all. This will happen regardless of whether you paid or did not pay for the work done. If that happens, you will definitely have to pay for the roofing materials again. Therefore, when thinking of hiring a contractor for your residential roofing in Denver you should always make wise decisions.