When You Are Thinking of Getting The House Painted

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House painting is a popular home improvement project and homeowners everywhere use exterior painting to increase the curb appeal of their dwellings. However, there is more to sprucing up the exterior walls than merely making the home look better. It also helps protect the home from the effects of weather. When searching for house painting contractors, it is good to remember to find the best house painter Vancouver has to offer.

Before hiring an exterior painting contractor in Vancouver, take time to make sure you have found the very best your money can buy. Here are some worthwhile factors to keep in mind.

Experienced House Painters

Experience matters in everything and that is certainly true for any house painting style. Be sure to find out how long the contractor has been in business. Exterior painting is a trade with high turnover rates. It is important to ensure that the company you choose to paint your home has been in operation for a minimum of two years.

Employees or Subcontractors

Some painting contractors use employees to complete jobs, but others hire jobs out to subcontractors. The reason it is important to find out about this is that when an employee is on the payroll they should be covered by worker’s compensation and other liability insurance. If you find out that the contractor is using subcontractors, be sure to obtain this information. Contractors have an obligation to provide you with proof of insurance regardless how they get the work done.

Licensed House Painting Specialists

Reputable companies obtain a government issued license. They also get covered with worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect themselves. No conscientious, self-respecting business owner would risk the consequences of failing to do that. It is vital that when hiring painting contractors to check for this during the interview process.

Preparing the Site

Another important factor to consider when looking for a local house painter is how well they prepare the home prior to spraying or brushing paint on it. The cheaper the estimate often means you can expect some skimping on the quality of work. Since prep work is less likely to be seen, this is where some contractors short change clients. Eventually, shoddy workmanship will show up. The finished product will not last as long.

In the Know

Good exterior painting companies know the products they use because they have the experience to back up materials recommendations. Additionally, they know which products work best in the area in which they work and stay current on the latest techniques. Professionals are always prepared to help clients with color and finish suggestions.

Get References

Every quality contractor has a long list of satisfied customers and is more than happy to provide references. It is up to you to get in contact with them before making a final decision about which one to hire.


It is always wise to speak with several painting contractors and compare estimates. While making inquiries, don’t forget to ask about the guarantee. Although there are certain warranties on the products used, the company you choose should also offer a guarantee on their work.


The price you pay for work done to your home will always be a reason for concern. No one wants to pay more than they should for any service, but cost alone should never be the first consideration when hiring a contractor. Painters often work with slim profit margins, so be sure you get the highest quality product possible by doing your research.
Now that you have an idea of how to hire the right painting contractor to paint your home, is there any reason to wait? Get out there and get those estimates.

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