Update Your Bathroom with a Glass Shower Door Enclosure

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An updated bathroom can add value to your home, but before you get started consider the serenity you and your family will enjoy with glass shower door enclosures. They can take an ordinary room from boring to lively or become a source of calm and inviting pleasures.

Glass doors are functional, elegant, and can make a small room appear larger by letting in more light. Today we have more options to choose from like the frameless doors. These are a wonderful option that also saves you time while cleaning and will last longer than the shower doors with aluminum or composite frames.

Besides being a room to take care of your personal needs, the bathroom can become your oasis from your busy life. Without the worry of the pesky shower curtain that gets in the way and must be continually replaced, glass shower doors give you a feeling of privacy while opening up the room. While soaking in the tub or taking a hot shower, your bathroom should be relaxing, appealing, and a calming retreat. To achieve this, you’ll want a bathroom design that will achieve all your goals for the completed room.

Bypass Doors – Take up the least amount of space and take up to three panels that slide past each other on top and bottom tracks. They are ideal for wide openings, an alcove, and corner stand-alone showers.

Round Doors – Round shower doors open inwards and work perfectly for corner stand-alone showers. These shower doors have a smooth operation and are attached to the top and bottom of the frame for stability. The curved glass design creates a comfortable bathing space.

Neo-Angle Doors – These are designed to fit corner installations. The glass doors take up little space and can be installed to open right or left. These are most commonly used with corner stand-alone showers.

Pivot Doors – Pivot glass shower doors are a swing open door. They open outward from a single side and are installed in a stand-alone shower space. These are perfect for openings that are too small for a bypass door.

The glass in your shower door can be ordered in many different options, not just plain glass. Consider options like frosted, tinted and textured glass that can turn your door into a statement piece, worthy of the goal for the newly designed room.

The thickness of the glass isn’t a factor in a framed shower door, but it’s very important for stability in frameless doors. For a stable and smooth gliding door, consider a thicker and heavier glass shower door. For privacy, consider frosted, textured, patterned, or opaque glass. The last thing to consider is the safety of the glass. It should be rated for safety; when broken you want to ensure that is breaks in many small pieces rather than sharp shards.

Caring for glass shower doors is important. The easiest way to make your clean shower last longer is to use a liquid soap and rinse all the surfaces after each use. This will cut down on water stains, soap, and minerals. For regular cleaning, a thorough scrubbing with a cleaning agent will remove all the buildup. To make your glass shower doors shine and sparkle, thoroughly dry the glass and polish with a lint-free rag.

A glass shower door is the perfect upgrade to turn an ordinary bathroom into an exceptional one that you will enjoy for many years. To keep your home in perfect condition, discover more cleaning tips from the House Cleaning Pro – professional cleaning tips and tricks.