Tips To Keep In Mind When Repairing A Leaking Toilet

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Did you know that thousands of gallons are wasted every year due to toilet leaks? That translates into wasting lots of money. If you have a toilet leak right now, the best thing to do is get it fixed right away. Otherwise, you’re just wasting lots of money on your water bill and not using it correctly. So now the question is, how do you repair a leaking toilet?
There are various reasons why your toilet might be leaking. It could be due to a broken or damaged water refill valve, wax ring underneath the bowl, Ballcock refill vale or the ballcock tube may have slipped out. You can fix these problems yourself without needing a plumber to help you.
Before you start to repair the toilet leaks in your house, the first thing you need to do is detect or spot where exactly the leak is. It is easy to detect a leak if you know how. However, just in case, here are some easy tips that you can use.
You will find two valves in the tank – the flush and refill valves. There are also some other parts such as the float arm that attaches to the flush ball. If you inspect the parts you might notice something strange such as when the toilet doesn’t properly flush and the water overflows the tank or doesn’t always flow from the tank into the bowl. A majority of leaks are cause whenever the two valves don’t perform properly. After you have found where the leak is coming from, it will simple to fix it with the help of a few basic plumbing skills and proper plumbing tools.

The following are some tips to help make it easy to repair a leaking toilet.

1. Fixing the water refill valve. There could be a broken line within the water supply causing water to spout into the toilet from the major water valve. Before repairing it you will need to empty the bowl of water. The first thing that will need to be done is turn the water supply vale off to stop water from flowing into the toilet. Next, flush the toilet. Hold the handle down until the bowl is completely empty.
You can now start on the repair. Unscrew the water supply line at the base using a wrench. Place a towel underneath to gather all of the water drips. Next screen the loose hose onto the toilet, but make sure not to tighten it too much. Next turn on the water supply again and adjust the water. Afterwards, check for leaks.
2. Ballcock Refill Valve – When this valve is causing the problem with your toilet, then the following steps should be considered. First of all, your water system needs to be switched off. Next, check the volume of the water. If you have insufficient water level, then the drift arm can be modified by twisting it. You must always keep in mind that 75% is the standard water level before it overflows. You are all set after that.
3. Plastic Refill Valve – Follow these steps for repairing your plastic refill valve. Always switch the water off to begin with. Next, search for the water level controller; it usually is called the hand nut. If you would like to increase the water level, it can be rotated clockwise. Or rotate it counter-clockwise if there is an insufficient water level.
4. Flush Valve – Whenever you are having an issue with this specific valve, you first need to test to see if it flushes correctly or not. Then check to see whether or not the flapper ball closes the water reservoir perfectly. If it won’t seal, just keep bending the arm until it fits properly. The do a test to see if the flush valve works properly now.
It is also important to check around the toilet’s base to see if there are any leaks. Double check to see if they are properly sealed. Finally, the mounting nut needs to be tightened so that the water gets into the toilet properly. If the problem persists, then replacing the toilet completely will be the best thing to do. At least you won’t need to worry about knowing how to repair a leaking toilet.
Every homeowner needs to always keep in mind that a working and clean toilet is a clean home. Keep these important tips in mind and you will be sure to be able to get your toilet problems fixed in no time.