Things To Know About Aurora Roofing Products

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Whether you are re-roofing your current roof or designing your new home, Aurora copper roofing products is worth considering if you want to have stylish design and a roof that will be with you for years to come. Copper is a kind of metal that has earned a respected place in the fields of building construction, interior design and architecture. Copper is been used for variety of architectural elements. These are durable in nature, are resistance to corrosion, have ability to form complex shapes and has prestigious shapes. For many centuries, the designers and craftsmen are utilizing these attributes to build up long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing building systems.


The most famous trait of copper is its display from an iridescent brown to bright metallic color to greenish verdigris patina to near black. The architects describe the array of browns as chocolate, russet, ebony, mahogany and plum. The distinctive green patina of it has long been coveted by the designers and architects. Here are the good things about copper Aurora roofing products.

Things To Know About Aurora Roofing Products

– Life Span: This type of metal oxidizes in order to form highly durable or tough roofing product. The erosion rate of it is very low because it oxides are very durable. Advanced Roofing Systems is a great place to seek advice on roofing materials.

– No Maintenance: This type of roofing product does not require any maintenance and cleaning. These are useful when roofing large spaces or areas which may be difficult to get done its maintenance.

– Lightweight: These are of lightweight. It is around 1/4 of the weight of roofing tiles when it is used in same roofing area.

– It is resistance to fire. You should consider this type of roofing product of you is living near forest that tends to catch fire.

– Design Uses: Depending if an alloy is used or finish is applied, copper roofs have numerous appearances: anywhere from green patina to rustic brown. If you prefer the green patina then you might have to wait for sometime after its installation because it happens due to copper oxidizing with air.

– Anti-microbial: It is anti-microbial which means you will not have to kill the molds or scrape it from your roofs which can accumulate commonly on other types of roofing.

– Eco Friendly: Most of the copper that is used on roofing is been recycled partially. The recycled copper combined with its longevity gives it a eco-friendly image.


Copper can be used in three main ways in roofs such as tile, panels and sheets. Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks.

– Tiles: These are seen as the most traditional form of copper roofing and these are preferred for its light weight.

– Panels: These are favorable choice for the architects due to its design aesthetic as its appearance is very similar or ultimately.

– Sheets: The sheets of copper are pre-cut off site. These are seen as time saving but it is quite expensive to transport it.

The major drawback of copper roofing product is its cost. Such roofing products are a big investment to make but it is highly cost-effective in long term.