Things to Consider Before Hiring Louisiana Commercial Roofing Contractor

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When you are looking up at the leaky roof then you can feel literally that the sky is been falling down on you. This is true especially if you own a commercial property or building because there are fewer things that are more costly for you than replacing the roof of the building or property. Between the price of materials, labor costs and the loss of revenue while the building is under the construction, the overall price tag can be astronomical. In order to do the commercial roof work you should always hire a Louisiana commercial roofing contractor like Ace Roofing to do the roofing work. Here are the few things that you should consider before hiring a Louisiana commercial roofing contractor. 

1. Thorough Research: Nowadays, there are many roofing professional. Therefore, you should do a thorough research before you select a Louisiana commercial roofing contractor for all your roofing work. It is very important for you to remember this that all the commercial roofing contractors should have a license in order to practice their profession. You should make sure that the roofing contractor which you are hiring has a valid license by the State laws to do the commercial roofing work.

2. Insurance for Worker Compensation: Another very important aspect that you should check for is whether the commercial roofing contractor has an insurance for worker compensation or not. The contractor that you intend to hire should also have a general liability. If there is an absence of insurance then if there is any damage to the property while doing the roofing work then you will only be responsible for paying it and the roofing contractor will not do so. Before hiring a roofing contractor, you should ask him for the copies of the insurance certificates. You should also perform a follow-up with the insurance organization to be sure if the insurance policy of the roofing contractor is still active or not.

3. Inspection of Roof: There are most of the commercial roofing contractors that offer a full-fledged inspection of the roof as part of their package. After doing the inspection, the roofing contractor will provide an estimation of the costs that is been involved. The contractors will also document whatever aspects of the roof they deem necessary and through this way you will be able to differentiate between reputed roofing contractors with others. The inspection of the roof must include aspects like mounted equipment on roof, problems with HVAC penetrations, leakages on the roof and other such problems. The final report that is been prepared as a result of this inspection may also include aspects such as roof drawing, photographs of the condition of the roof, core samples and others. Once the report is been prepared, the contractor will then provide with a complete estimate of the costs which include all the aspects of the roofing process. If additional work is been required then the costs of it should also be included.

4. Warranty: This is a very crucial aspect that you should consider when looking for the roofing contractor. You should never forget to ask for the warranty on the roofing products. You should make sure that you understand the nuances of its enforcement.