Reviewing the Business Card of Lance, Construction Consultant

in Construction

This is a single-sided business card for a construction consultant of a construction company.

The obvious part of the design is the bright red color of the card but the design as a whole is not particularly creative.


Three symbols are placed in the upper left corner – a hammer, wrench and ruler. The company name in big bold font is on the right.

Underneath is a list of three areas in which the company specializes. In the bottom right is the name and telephone number.

Since there is no e-mail address or even street address, the only means of contacting him is through the telephone. Although not indicated it should be a mobile phone because he will need to be reachable throughout the entire day as he communicates with customers, inspectors, vendors, prospective clients and company staff.

He should get a robust plan that gives him unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and no extended contract, all for one cheap monthly rate. With Straighttalk coupon codes, he can get one of many good deals on these plans.

The three symbols are not very helpful; they are more decorative than useful and are not needed. One small logo would be far more effective than these three symbols. That is because a logo identifies the company quickly and easily without requiring any reading or researching. A logo needs to be simple but creative enough to be unique.

The famous United Way logo is instantly recognizable because it is used consistently on all promotional efforts. People know the company immediately when they see it. Likewise, this company needs a logo to help people remember this company.

The three areas listed under the company name gives people a better idea of what this company specializes in, but with all of the blank space, there could be more details including a one-line summary of what kind of construction this company does.

The business also needs a slogan, which is a short one-line statement that answers the question, “Why should I use this company’s services?” Does this company beat its competition on price? Quality? On-time completion? All three?

The person’s job title should be listed so that people know how this person fits in with the company. The only way to find out that he is a construction consultant is to do some internet research. It would be much better to list it instead of making people wonder.

There should be a second means of contacting this person. Not everyone likes to use the telephone.