Metal Roofing Myths Uncovered

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Even though metal roofs have quite the number of benefits to offer, they are still quite underused in many regions and this is more so because of the myths that surround roofing with metal. Most Michigan Rochester Hills MI roofers will tell you that anytime they are about to work on a metal roof, the client has some kind of myth about the material and why they are having it. However, most of these are not true which is why it is important to shine a ray of truth into them.

Hear the rain.

This is among the most favorite for people. To be able to hear the rain when they sleep, is quite the soothing sound and they usually hope that by having metal on the roof, they will be able to hear the sound even better. However, this is not really the case. For that to happen, one would have to place the metal sheets on the open rafters so that it is able to reverberate and make more sound. Otherwise, this is an equally quiet roofing option if it is installed in the right way. However, if you would like to have the noise of the rain cradle you to sleep, then you should think of having a skylight as these are usually louder.

No more ice.

Truth be told, during winter, ice poses a major challenge to most home owners as the water and weight that it comes with has serious negative effects on the roofing regardless of the material that has been used. For some reason, there has been a myth that having a metal roof will allows you to forget about formation of ice. This is not really the case. To escape having ice on your roof, the only option is to eliminate the heat that is going to the roof which can be improved by having your roofing in Michigan roofing service increase the ventilation in the attic. Otherwise home owners that have metal roofs have as much problems with ice as anyone else.

No shoveling snow.

At least this is a true myth even though in part. It is true that metal roofs are able to shed snow but the temperature needs to warm up to about eight degrees above the freezing point for this to happen. Additionally, you should avoid having standing seam roofs if you have valleys on your roofs as this force the snow into the valleys which can cause further damage. For better snow management, go for the roofs that have been designed for snow country.

A warmer home.

This is much of a grey area since in some instances; you might actually want your home to cooler. Regardless, a metal roof can actually dramatically reduce the amount of heat that is entering the home if the roofing in Michigan service does their job right. Furthermore, the type of metal roof also has something to say about this as aluminum roofs have been found to be the most efficient in reducing the amount of heat that makes it into the house.

It is clearly noticeable that some of the myths that surround metal roofing are misguided and with a good roofer, you metal roof is as good as any other only that in most instances, you will enjoy a longer lifespan and less maintenance.