Interview Questions to Determine the Best Roofer for your Roofing Project

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As a home owner, you are responsible for all the maintenance costs when it comes to your home. And one thing that is inevitable, one that at one point in time you will have to replace is the roof. Regardless of the quality of roof you installed when you were building your home, you will find the need for repairs or even the installation of a new roof. If you are not faced with the need for residential Roofing in Denver at the moment, this article will still come in handy when the time comes. Given that repairs and replacement are a huge investment, you will want to get the best roofer working on your roof and one that will not suck your account dry. To get the best roofing contractor in Denver, you will have to carry out some research, and have interviews with the potential roofers or roofing companies. During the interview, asking the following questions will help you choose the best roofer for the project.

Do you have general liability insurance?

A company should have two types on insurance. A workman’s compensation insurance which covers the employees while they are at work on your property and the general liability which covers the actual property – your property. You will want the company or roofer that you will hire to have the general liability insurance, for example It will cover you in the event the contractor or roofer burns down your home while welding or destroys a major part of your home. Accidents do happen and when you least expect them to. To be on the safe side, hire a roofer or a roofing company that has general liability insurance. Ask to see the certificate if the need arises. Confirm that it is the name of the company on the certificate, their address and such like information. True this insurance is expensive to have, but think of the cost you would incur if an accident happened and your house burnt to the ground.

Will you install edge metal or drip metal when you are installing the new roof?

The edge or drip metal is a piece of aluminum that is normally placed beneath the shingle right where it comes off from the roof. This piece of metal extends some considerable distance past the roof ensuring that that run off water drains into the gutters rather than behind them thereby protecting the wood and fascia of your roof. If this piece of metal is not installed, you will experience troubles related to water damage which can further increase your costs.

Will you bring a container for the refuse material?

This is one thing that many homeowners do not think about while they are signing contracts with roofers or roofing companies. They therefore end up with the refuse from the old roof, and have to dispose of it themselves. Ensure that the company will come with a container in which they will put in these refuse and carry it with them after the project leaving you with a new roof and a clean compound not having to incur any additional costs.