Factors Affecting The Cost of Roof Repair

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Truth be told, repairing a roof can be time consuming and an expensive venture. This however depends on the extent of restoration that is required. You should not let any Houston commercial roofing company provide you with a quote before they have assessed the extent of damage on your roof – on the inside and the outside. To determine the amount of money that you will spend, you should consider the following factors.

Roof type

The type of roof that you have installed in your home has a great effect on the amount of money that you will spend on the repairs. Roofs can be sloped, flat, low or high pitched, shingled or metal or something far more unique. The materials used in roofing vary greatly in the costs as well as with the roof type. Not all roofing materials can be installed on a flat roof.

The roofing materials that are the least expensive are asphalt shingles that go for about $120 per square foot. The most expensive ones are the metal roofs which go for up to $1500 for a square meter.

Roofing repair permits

Sure your roof might need to be repaired fast. But you just do not up and start working on it. You need to get a permit from the city or town government to allow you to carry on with the repairs. The price of the permits may be a flat rate or they may be based on the value or the size of your home. These logistics vary depending on the area that you reside in.

The scope of the repair

This is one of the major factors that affect the price of the project. Roofing contractors for the most part determine the cost of a project by square footage of the roof surface. It is easier this way because the roofing materials are also sold going by the some measurements. But in the event that you purchase excessive materials, the contractor should be honest enough to leave the left overs with you for any future need.

Existing water damage

Water, can fast eat through your roofing structure. This particular type of damage can however only be determined when the roofer gets rid of the shingles on top and inspects the decking. Replacing and repairing the damage caused by water can inflate your overall price a great deal as the labor demand and skill increases in the project.

Skylights and chimneys

These are unique elements in the rooftop that have the potential to inflate the pricing of the roofing job. You may need to replace the skylights and the chimneys at the same time and for this, you should request the roofer to inspect them for further damage. But in the event that they themselves do not have to be replaced, the roofing contractor may have to work around them fixing the flashes and sealing the skylights. For this, expect to pay at the very least $300.

You should always ensure that you get a quote from about three companies before you make up your mind. For starters call Ace Roofing in Houston. The estimates vary greatly and it will be in your best interest to be patient and do your research.