Choosing the Best Florida Roofing Material

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Roof replacements and repairs take a huge chunk of money from many homeowners who are looking to undertake the project. Replacing the roofs in the way they are meant to ensure that you have the proper insulation in your home and that you do not run the risk of getting water damages in your home. Fixing the roof also before you get any major issues will help you save on money as well as avoid structural damage to your home. Finding the right Florida roofing products and the right roofing contractor will ensure that the job is done in the right way and on the first round only. Replacing a roof will prove to be slightly easier with the below tips on how to choose the best Florida roofing materials.


The longer the roof you will have put up will last the more money you will save over the years just ask Aztec Roofs Inc. Clay tiles are by far the most popular choice and they tend to last the longest, more than any other roofing material available. Some manufacturers of clay tiles provide a warranty of up to 50 years. Another option of roofing material that is durable is slate. It may not be as popular as the clay, but it is certainly catching up as it meets the styles of many. Given its structure, it can withstand many of the harsh weather conditions not to mention the scorching sun.

Weather resistance

You should consider the prevailing weather when you are making a choice of the material you will use. Different materials handle different weather conditions differently. Out in the wrong weather condition, a roofing product that was meant to last for close to 60 years can last for only half of that period. For instance, if you are living in a place where the prevailing climate is for the most part cold, then choosing a ceramic roofing tile would be best as it tends to weather the cold extremely well. Slates on the other hand are best for areas that have warmer climates.


This is the one thing that all homeowners, rich or not tend to consider before they make a purchase. Buying the right roofing product may come across as amore of a balancing act than anything else. You will want to ensure that you get it right when it comes to the cost and the quality. You do not want to spend a fortune on an inferior product and neither do you want to have yourself an inferior product. Compile a list of all that is important to you when it comes to the roofing material and then look for the materials that meet the qualification. Roofing contractors can help you with this as they may be well versed in the area.

Energy savings

As the natural gas and oil costs rise, many homeowners are looking for ways in which they can reduce their energy bills thereby saving themselves some money. Tile roofing is a great choice when it comes to energy efficiency. There are other materials that pass the test too. And the government has made it easier to locate them as they have put on them an energy star logo to show that they are energy efficient.