Any Other People In Existence Much Like Me Who Could Benefit From a Non Surgical Nose Job?

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For decades I’ve been gazing at myself in the mirror in the morning and switching from side to side attempting to see myself the way in which other people view me. I commonly imagine what I would look like if I had a great nose. Hereditary factors count for a lot, naturally, so I have had it explained to me for decades that family pride should establish my opinion about my looks. When I look back at photographs of past family members, most of them are taken from the front and emphasize the drop at the end of the nose rather than the bulge in the middle. 
What shocks me, especially with my parent, in fact, is how uninterested he is at following a strategy about it. My father just reminds me about my relative, who, at the age of only eight years old, decided to pedal his bicycle into a tree, so I should be grateful not to have smashed my nose, like he did. He’s had several operations subsequently and his appearance just resulted in seeming just like a rubik cube for half a year. Do you really desire, says my father, to be wasting your time in the hospital for the next 12 months? And that is the end of it as far as he is involved. 
And yet I’m tired with my appearance, with a bulge on the bridge and a drooping at the end. It affects how I am with many people. I loathe being looked at. Even though it’s most likely got nothing to do with my nose I always picture that it is, so it may perhaps as well be. It makes me wretched to have to stay invisible for the rest of my lifetime simply because I lack self-confidence. A single lifetime is not long enough for that rubbish. 
So I have been researching and considering what is in the market in the capital for non surgical nose jobs. And it’s not as if this would set me back my life savings at any of the stores I have discovered that could help me. What I have to do is setup an appointment and a qualified practitioner will supply me with a local anaesthetic so I don’t feel any pain at all during the non surgical nose therapy. I’m happy about this since I need to be able to see what’s going on while it’s developing and possibly even make several recommendations right then. 
Basically, the skilled practitioner who has specialist knowledge in non surgical rhinoplasty, which is what they have named it by professionals, will shoot skin additives into the area and then massage the fillers into shape. They can take out the bulge and the sag and leave me with an amazing looking straight, attractive profile that I can be proud of. What’s more, I won’t need to take any time off sick as there is no lengthy recovery time as there could be with operations. 
Okay, so this won’t be a long lasting fix but the outcomes will continue for not less than six months and perchance up to a year or two.Then again this also indicates that as the natural look of my face alters I can make sure that my nose can continue to be looking natural by having a periodic pinch from time to time. 
Between me and you I intend this to be a revelation, so don’t spill the beans to my lady about this strategy I have and go spoiling my proposal over dinner soon after. I’m convinced, that with a decent looking non surgically treated nose, I can pull it off and get agreement. Who would manage to refuse me then?