Analyzing the Business Card of Johnny, Senior Property Manager

in Construction

This double-sided business card is for a senior property manager of what looks to be a hardware company. If that does not make sense, it is because this is a template of a business card intended for people who work in the modern professional hardware, warehouse or storage service industry.

Business Card of Johnny, Senior Property Manager

The front of the card is a textured surface, resembling a rubber mat, on which the company name is displayed in a three-dimensional lettering style simulating an embossed effect. Across the bottom is a black band on which the website URL is displayed. The first word of the company name is repeated three more times in spaced intervals across the black band.

The back of the card has the company name in a big block font. The first word is in one color, a bright orange, while the second word is in white with a slash of orange across the last four letters.

Underneath is the name and then his job title. His street address, telephone number and e-mail address fill up the lower left. Oddly, the e-mail address does not contain his name, but someone else’s.

Hopefully, his listed telephone number goes to his mobile phone since he will most likely be out of the office a lot. He will need a good mobile phone plan that gives him sufficient minutes but not surprise him with fees or lock him into long term contracts. He should find out more.

A thin solid orange line runs down the left side, serving as a left margin of sorts, intersecting with the three icons used for street address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The background is a textured black, resembling a rubber mat.

The backgrounds on both sides of the card are impressive, with more of a photorealistic look to it. Yet, it does not detract from the information.

However, the artistic efforts should be focused on a logo, a simple but unique graphical element that acts as an identifier of the business much like the famous Dolby logo that shows up in every movie credits listing.

Using the logo on all marketing materials gives the company a uniform branding and better recognition in the industry.

Adding a second side to the business card increases the cost, so the the extra space should be used wisely. Adding more decoration is not as useful as listing more information about the company and person.

In what does the company specialize? Adding this information helps prospective customers make a more informed decision.