Advantages And Disadvantages of Popular Water Heater Models

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It is really frustrating when you realize that you are using a lot of money to pay for your electricity bills because of the too many units of electricity that are consumed at your home. As much water heaters are not the primary cause of too much electricity bills, the use of an inefficient water heater is certainly going to have some significance in the increase of electricity bills. Fortunately, the government has ensured that you have all the relevant information that pertains to the use of water heaters and that relates to changes in electricity bills. Other manufacturers have gone a step ahead to produce energy saving water heaters; a good example is Denver water heaters.

The Energy Guide label that is required by federal regulations gives consumers varieties of water heaters that they can use to make comparisons between products and manufacturers. The following is an overview of popular water heaters.

Conventional Heaters

This is a model that involves the use of either electricity or gas when heating water or even storing a particular amount in the tank. This helps in ensuring that there is ready water flow through the showerhead or the faucet according to demand. Even though these models have varied average energy factor, it lies around 0.64. Despite the fact that conventional water heaters are commonly used, they are not the most efficient models in the market because there is constant us of energy that is used in the keeping of stored warm.

Heat Pump

This water heater model is available for those who use standard electricity. As opposed to the use of gas, this water heater uses heat from the atmosphere to warm the water. Similar to the conventional water heater models, heat pumps have a storage tank but they have a better Energy Factor Rating than conventional models.

Tankless Water Heaters

These water heaters seen in more detail here have drawn a lot of attention over the last ten years. The heater starts the warming process by waiting until the consumer demands heat instead of storing it or even consistently warming it. This is achieved by turning on the shower, appliance or the faucet. Even though they have a better Energy Factor Rating, Tankless water heaters have some disadvantages. For example, this model is not good for those who are impatient in waiting around water to heat up especially when they want to take an immediate shower.

Getting a more efficient water heater is as important as saving money to buy a better water heater model. You should go for Denver water heater because it is one of the best water heaters in the market.